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Defending College Students Against Criminal Charges and Disciplinary Actions in New Jersey

NJ College Arrest LawyerColleges are meant to be institutions of higher learning; however, they also serve as rites of passage, periods of transition during which young people can learn and grow outside of the classroom. At college, students have the opportunity to participate in and attend a broad range of activities, such as school sporting events, clubs, concerts, and social gatherings on and off-campus. While these activities can provide memories for a lifetime, they can also lead to issues when large groups of people come together, particularly when alcohol is being consumed. If you are caught in the unfortunate circumstance of being arrested on campus, you may face both criminal charges and disciplinary proceedings at the school. A negative outcome in either of these venues can lead to severe repercussions, including fines, a charge on your criminal record, suspension, expulsion, and even jail time. When one mistake, false accusation, or misunderstanding threatens to derail your future, it is critical to have an experienced defense attorney on your side.

Alissa Hascup is a former prosecutor-turned criminal defense lawyer who is well-versed in the nuances of criminal and educational disciplinary proceedings in New Jersey. With centralized office locations in Denville and Totowa, her practice spans the State, as she battles on behalf of college students and young adults accused of crimes and violations of school codes of conduct. When you have been charged with an offense such as disorderly conduct, simple assault, underage drinking, or possession of marijuana; you are brought in for questioning by campus police; or you face some form of school disciplinary action, she is the aggressive defender you want in your corner. To discuss your current situation and learn more about how she can help you protect your future, contact Alissa Hascup today at 862-257-1200. Initial consultations are always provided free of charge.

Defense Attorneys for Students at New Jersey Colleges and Universities

Alissa Hascup regularly defends students who are arrested on college campuses and face criminal charges in Municipal and Superior Courts, as well as Disciplinary Hearings for violations of student codes of conduct. She appears on behalf of students at New Jersey colleges and universities, including:

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If you have been arrested on a college campus, are wanted for questioning by campus police, are facing criminal charges related to a campus incident, or are facing disciplinary action for an alleged student code of conduct violation, contact Alissa Hascup to discuss your case and find the answers you need. Alissa regularly defends students in criminal courts and disciplinary proceedings in throughout New Jersey. Simply call 862-257-1200 today to receive your cost-free consultation.