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NJ Juvenile Theft Defense LawyerIn New Jersey, “theft crime” can mean a multitude of things. The underlying presumption among theft offenses is the unlawful taking of something that does not belong to you. Theft crimes and property crimes are often confused, as property crimes such as burglary involve the intent to commit a theft crime. It is easiest to think of theft and property crimes under one umbrella. While theft generally involves taking someone else’s property, property crimes involve the commission of an act against someone else’s property (for instance, trespassing). Common examples of theft and property crimes include: robbery, burglary, theft of movable property, criminal mischief, and shoplifting. According to the U.S. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, there were 19,400 juveniles arrested for robbery; 40,300 arrested for burglary; 178,000 arrested for theft/larceny; 12,700 arrested for motor vehicle theft; and 10,400 arrested for buying, receiving, or possessing stolen property in 2014. New Jersey takes these crimes very seriously, pursuing charges and significant penalties against juveniles charged with theft and property offenses. When you find yourself in this situation, it is critical to have an experienced New Jersey juvenile defense attorney to protect your rights and represent your interests.

Alissa Hascup is a tenacious criminal defense attorney who represents juveniles, students, and young adults charged with theft and property crimes in courts throughout New Jersey. From Union to Middlesex, and Passaic to Essex counties, she is a highly effective negotiator and ferocious trial lawyer. Ms. Hascup’s previous position as an Assistant County Prosecutor has taught her so much about how prosecutors formulate their cases against criminal defendants. She utilizes this unique insight to develop the best possible defense strategies for her clients. To learn how Ms. Hascup can help you, and find the answers to your questions, contact her offices at 862-257-1200 for immediate assistance. Initial consultations are always provided free of charge.

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If you are a juvenile charged with any type of theft or property crime in New Jersey, your case will likely be heard and decided in the Family Division of the Superior Court in the county in which you reside. In other words, if you are charged with shoplifting at the Short Hills Mall, but you live in Morristown, your case will be heard by a Juvenile Judge in the Morris County Superior Court. There are certain exceptions to this rule. If you are charged with a particularly egregious crime such as armed robbery (which is a first degree felony), and you are nearing the age of 18, the State may file a motion to charge you as an adult. If such a motion is granted, your case will be transferred to the Criminal Division in the Superior Court in the county in which the alleged offense occurred. You will then be exposed to the same penalties as an adult defendant if convicted.

In typical juvenile cases, handled in Family Court, the legal standard is “the best interests of the child.” This provides judges with broad discretion in determining the appropriate penalties in a given case. For example, alternative sentences such as probation, community service, restitution payments, and a diversionary option known as a “Deferred Disposition,” are all potential results of a juvenile theft case. Of course, the nature and circumstances of the offense influence the severity of the consequences if you are ultimately found guilty.

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Alissa Hascup effectively defends juvenile clients charged with a host of theft and property crimes, some of which include:

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