Teen arrested, charged with arson, after setting fire to 2 schools in Bergen County

A teenager from Oradell (whose identity will remain confidential in light of his age) was arrested and charged last week after an investigation revealed that he had set fires to 2 schools in Bergen County.

The first fire was set on the evening of June 20, 2022 in a garbage can at the Roosevelt Elementary School (River Edge). The second fire was set on the afternoon of July 11, 2022 in the field house of River Dell High School (Oradell). Officers responded to the high school and allegedly observed multiple locations that had been set on fire and heavy smoke damage. The investigation revealed that both fires were “intentionally set,” as per a statement by Bergen County Prosecutor Mark Musella.

The juvenile was charged with Aggravated Arson, a crime of the Second Degree if committed by an adult, and various other offenses. As of the date of the NJ.com article, the juvenile was being held at the Bergen County Jail.

If convicted, the juvenile faces a maximum incarceration term of 3 years in a juvenile detention center.

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