Two Teens Arrested with Guns

Jersey CityAccording to the Jersey City Police Department, two teenagers were arrested last week for gun possession. Officers from Jersey City s Street Crime unit allegedly observed the teens on Monday afternoon near Grant and Ocean Avenues, and subsequently attempted to stop them. One of the juveniles fled on foot, but was caught by an officer on Orient Way. He was subsequently searched and found to be in possession of a loaded handgun.

After searching the area, police found a second handgun. The two teenagers (both age 16) were taken to the Jersey City Police Department Juvenile Center and were charged with Unlawful Possession of a Weapon and Resisting Arrest by Flight. Click here to read the full article on

In the State of New Jersey, gun charges are taken very seriously. For an adult, being convicted of Unlawful Possession of a Weapon (a handgun) means having to serve a term in NJ State Prison with a period of parole ineligibility. However, the sentencing structure is different for juveniles. A juvenile conviction can result in the imposition of a sentence ranging from a period of probation to incarceration in a juvenile detention center.

If your minor child is arrested, you are entitled to have an attorney present at every step of the proceeding, including while he/she is being questioned. If your minor child is subsequently charged with a crime, he/she MUST be represented by throughout the court proceeding.

Having a minor child involved in the criminal justice system can be overwhelming and intimidating. Though the main focus of the juvenile system is to rehabilitate, in some cases the Prosecutor will move to have the case transferred to the Criminal Court. Alissa D. Hascup has extensive experience representing juveniles charged with criminal offenses throughout the State of New Jersey. She is committed to guiding you through the legal process, protecting your child’s rights, and achieving the best possible outcome. If your child is facing juvenile charges, contact The Law Offices of Alissa D. Hascup now for your free consultation. She is available 24/7 at 862-257-1200.