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Middlesex County Juvenile Lawyer You may find yourself in Middlesex County Juvenile Court for an number of reasons, ranging from accusations of underage drinking or possession of alcohol, to possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, or another controlled dangerous substance (CDS). When you or your child is a juvenile arrested in Middlesex County, or a minor arrested elswhere who is a resident of Middlesex County, being thrust into the juvenile justice process can be extremely scary. Alissa Hascup is an experienced New Jersey juvenile defense attorney who represents minors from Woodridge, New Brunswick, Old Bridge, Piscataway, Perth Amboy, Edison, Sayreville, and throughout Middlesex County facing criminal charges. She is a former Assistant County Prosecutor and Municipal Prosecutor who utilizes her extensive knowledge of the law to vigorously defend her clients’ innocence. She is also a compassionate and understanding guide who walks young people and their families through every phase of the legal process while working to achieve the best possible outcome. If you or your child is facing juvenile criminal charges in Middlesex County, contact The Law Offices of Alissa Hascup at 862-257-1200 for a free consultation about your specific juvenile case.

Middlesex County Juvenile Court Information

Under New Jersey law, the juvenile court system operates differently than the adult criminal justice system. For instance, when a criminal complaint is filed against a minor in New Jersey, their case is sent to the Family Division of the Superior Court in the county where they reside. In other words, if you live in Woodbridge and are accused of a crime in another county, your case will be adjudicated before a juvenile judge in the Middlesex County Superior Court, Family Division.

Middlesex County Superior Court is located at 56 Paterson Street, New Brunswick, New Jersey 08903. The main court office can be reached at 732-519-3200. Court hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The Middlesex County Family Division Manager is Charles C. Hager, who can be reached at 732-519-3205. For more information about the Middlesex County Superior Court, visit the Middlesex County Superior Court website.

The Juvenile Court Process in Middlesex County NJ

Juvenile cases in Middlesex County are initially reviewed by the Middlesex County Juvenile Unit, who decide whether a case should proceed through the formal court process or through an alternative venue such as the Juvenile Referee program or the Juvenile Conference Committee (JCC). There is also a Middlesex County Family Court Multi Disciplinary Team, which is responsible for recommending alternatives to detention for juveniles who are adjudicated deliquent for criminal offenses. In juvenile cases, there are many alternative dispositions available, such as community service, fines, restitution payments, mental health counseling, work and educational programs, and substance abuse treament.

Middlesex County also created what is known as the Clean Slate Program in 2009, which is available to first-time juvenile offenders and allows them to avoid having a juvenile record. The program is held once a week for seven weeks at the Middlesex County Police Training Center in Edison from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The juveniles who attend participate in interactive programs, instructional classes, and mentoring activities, as well as eating a meal with a guest speaker. Upon completion of the Clean Slate Program, no criminal charges are filed against the young person.

Middlesex County Juvenile Detention Center

If a juvenile is charged with a more serious crime such as robbery, burglary, or aggravated assault with a weapon, they may be ordered to remain in custody while their case is pending. Juveniles who are held in detention in Middlesex County stay in the Middlesex County Juvenile Detention Center, located on Apple Orchard Lane, P.O. Box 7164, North Brunswick, New Jersey, 08902. The phone number for the Middlesex County Juvenile Detention Center is (732)-297-8991. For more information about the Center’s policies, visiting hours, etc., visit the Middlesex County Juvenile Detention Center page.

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If you or your child is dealing with a juvenile case in Middlesex County, it is extremely important to have a knowledgeable juvenile defense attorney who can advise and advocate on your behalf. Alissa Hascup regularly assists minors charged with criminal offenses such as disorderly conduct, theft, criminal mischief, and underage DWI in Middlesex County. Call her offices at 862-257-1200 now to discuss your specific juvenile matter and find out how she can help you protect your rights.